Oklahoma CD Release on April 16th 

The Oklahoma CD release party is in 2 days in Pawhuska at the Osage Tribal Museum. I will offer a solo acoustic performance of my new album, “Songs from the Well.”

The museum is at 819 Grandview Avenue Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The show starts at 11:00am and ends at 1:00pm.

Admission is free! Refreshments will be provided by the Osage Tribal Museum.

Can't wait to see you all there!


Northern California Osage Spring 2014 meeting 

Northern California Osage Spring 2014 meeting

I was honored to attend and present at the Northern California Osage Spring Meeting today in Oakland. I had the opportunity to thank the Osage Nation Foundation for the the grant I was awarded the beginning of this year for the making of "Songs from the Well". My presentation included an update on the project and attendees, including members of the Osage Congress, had the opportunity to hear the recording of the song "Bells".

Oklahoma CD Release: April 16th…

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Osage Nation Foundation Grant! 

I am so honored to have received a grant from the Osage Nation Foundation to make a new album in early 2014!! I am going in the studio with amazing producer/musician Julie Wolf to make this album and will be launching an Indiegogo campaign soon where you can help me raise the funds I will need to go with the grant! We will have some fun incentives and holiday shopping opportunities so check back soon about this!! Love, Marca

International Women's Day 

What an amazing event!!! Thank You Rebecca Crump for inviting me!! I love my Oakland home.

Upcoming Show Sebastapol 

Hello Dear Ones, Happy Spring! "Songs From the Well" is coming along nicely. Thinking Kickstarter soon to bring these little medicine songs to you. I will keep you posted. Meanwhile there is a show in the works in Sebastapol, CA on June 16th, details to follow. love, Marca

Alive and Kickin' 

Hello Dear Ones, I am back in Oakland living the good life. I had a dream the other night that the apocalypse was coming, I was sitting up in meditation pose knowing I was going to have to engage all my spiritual practices to breathe underwater and survive it. YEAH!! If you can relate...please contact me, come to a concert, buy an album! I have a new album I am recording this year called "Songs from the Well", featuring songs such as Hallelujah, Declaring, and Free to be Free. Looking forward to seeing you…

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Marca on Maui 

Hello beloveds, I have begun anew here in Hawaii. Or shall I say Mama Maui is nurturing me with her love and coco milk. Check back here for dates on the islands as they come up here this spring and summer. Love and Aloha, Marca


The new album Deeper is hot off the press. Featuring Julie Wolf on keys, members of Rosin Coven, scorching guitarist Mike Abraham, a harmony visit from Maya Dorn, spoken word of Julian Allen, some funky piano from Woody Simmons, and of course, yours truly Marca Cassity on vocals, acoustic guitar. Please pick it up and share it with your friends. I am on my way to India for a few weeks starting in March, but will then return to start playing music for you wherever you might be..so be on the lookout for tour…

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